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Meet the vets

Gary Ashton B.V.Sc. Dip. Appl. Sc.

Gary Ashton - Principal veterinarianGary is the Principal Veterinarian. Born on a dairy farm at Dayboro, a one pub town 60km northwest of Brisbane.  Loved life on the farm and was always a keen observer of animals, including the platypus in Terrors Creek. Moved to the outskirts of Brisbane for a high school education, but still kept returning to Dayboro, again on a dairy farm and working on the pineapples for some extra dollars. He has a broad love of agriculture in general. His thoughts were if you want to eat, have clothes on your back, then you have an interest in agriculture.

After high school took a scholarship to the Queensland Agricultural College (now part of University of Queensland) to study a general agriculture course. Learnt to study effectively there. Three years into the course (leaning towards animal production) realized would have to compete with veterinarians. Decided to apply and was accepted into Veterinary Science at University of Queensland. Gary graduated at the end of 1979 and took his first job at Numurkah near Shepparton Victoria in a dairy practice. Tough diagnosing diseases that don’t exist in Queensland first on clinical exposure.

Then worked at Kerang in mixed practice before taking up full time position at Mt. Gambier, South Australia in a dairy mixed practice. Gary did some goat embryo transfer work before taking up a position as a locum at Campbelltown Veterinary Hospital. He has not managed to make it back to Queensland yet.

Gary enjoys small animal medicine and surgery but loves farm animal work as he understands both the medical and financial sides of animal production.

Work is mostly fun, it is great to be able to help both the animals and their owners with their problems. Gary is still learning.

Current pets- ‘Lizard’ a Kelpie/Border Collie x working dog, plus Lizard's grandaughter 'Spider', also a grey mare ‘Katie’ & her gelding foal ‘Kabbie’.


Jorid Nordaker

My name is Jorid Nordaker and I am originally from Norway but now I have three Australian children with my Australian partner.  At home we have many fur and feather  pets; a housecat ‘Makrell’, a Jack Russel ‘Áskepott’, a Shetland pony, ‘Sabre’ and two  laying  hens ‘Spottý and ‘Flighty.    After working casually in the Campbelltown area for some time I am grateful and very excited to join Campbelltown Veterinary Hospital’s team.  





Meet the nurses


Laura joined the team at Campbelltown Vet Hospital in September 2009. She has completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2011.

Laura owns a beagle who goes by ‘Pheobe’, a Persian cat named ‘Bella’ a chicken and a canary she rescued through the clinic.




Alison - Nurse

Alison has been working at Campbelltown Vet since early 2010. Alison completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2010 and in 2015 has graduated from university with a Bachelor of Natural Animal Science with a submajor in conservation biology.

Alison is the owner of 'Jasper' the giant Australia Shepherd. Alison enjoys working with animals and plans to do a few short courses.




Melissa started working at Cambelltown Veterinary Hospital in March 2014, Completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2015.

Her pets include Scout a Fox Terrier x, Tiga a Domestic Shorthair Cat, Willow a Ragdoll x Kitten & Pippa a lop bunny.




Chloe started working at Campbelltown Veterinary Hospital in December 2015. She is currently in the process of completing her cert IV Veterinary nursing certificate.

Her pets include Nymeria a Domestic shorthair and Xena a Staffordshire bullterrier. 





Carolina began working at Campbelltown Veterinary Hospital in late 2017, after completing her Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing course in November 2017.

She’s the owner of ‘Rascal’ a male Ragdoll cat, ‘Pikachu’ a male Domestic Medium-haired cat, ‘Luna’ a female Domestic Short-haired cat and ‘Chucks’ a 12kg male cross-bred dog.