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15 Chamberlain St Campbelltown 2560 Phone: (02) 4626 4222

Hospital Hours:

Campbelltown Veterinary Hospital HoursMon - Fri: 9am - 7pm
Sat: 9am - 12pm
Sun: 10am - 12pm
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Veterinary services offered

Puppy Pre-school

Learn More about our Puppy Pre-school services


The hospital is equipped with an IDEXX blood analyser, blood chemistry and electrolyte analyser. This allows us to quickly and more precisely diagnose, treat and monitor your pet’s health problems.

We offer pre-anaesthetic and wellness testing especially for the older pet. More unusual, complex and back-up tests can be sent to specialist veterinary pathology labs.


We have an in-hospital x-ray machine with digital imaging to deal with most problems. We can also refer to specialist radiologists if required.

The hospital is also equipped with an ultrasound unit.


We have an up-to-the minute dental unit that allows us to carry out a range of dental procedures and dental radiography equipment. Good dental health is vital for your pet’s continues good health and comfort.


Surgical cases are placed on anaesthetic machines that use the current safest gas anaesthetic available, more expensive but worth every cent.

Patients are monitored during surgery with respiratory, pulse, oxygen and blood Pressure monitors.

Critical care

Fluid infusion pumps, electrocardiogram, heating pads, video monitoring, oxygen therapy, defibrillator, various replacements fluids are a few of our critical care resources.

Microchipping and scanner

This is a valuable resource for tracing lost pets. Quick, safe and permanent. It is a legal requirement to have your dog and cat microchipped by 12 weeks of age or at change of ownership.

Modern record keeping

The practice patient history records and financial records are fully computerised. This allows rapid and consistent retrieval of information. This system also allows us to run a consistent reminder system e.g. vaccinations and preventative medications.


We carry an extensive range of premium diet foods.

We have several nutrition programs that can enhance the health of your pet.

Cat and Dog boarding

Limited cat and small dog boarding facilities are available. Call (02) 4626 4222 and book early!

Grooming and Skin Care

We have a hydrobath facility for pets with skin problems especially.

A grooming service is available with prior notice. This is especially for pets that are not co-operative with the local grooming salon.

We stock an extensive range of skin and coat care products, including flea control products for sale in the waiting room area.

We also carry a good range of leads, collars, treats etc.

Livestock Services

We offer a wide range of species specific services.

Some of the services we offer are:


  • Gary Ashton B.V.Sc is an Accredited Pregnancy Tester & Approved Examiner (Australian Cattle Veterinarian) who is able to do tagging for sales
  • infertility
  • sickness investigations
  • obstetrics
  • dehorning
  • herd health & management advice
  • nutritional advice
  • vaccines
  • post mortem


  • ultrasound & reproduction work including artificial inseminations & pregnancy testing
  • injuries & lameness
  • equine dentistry with the use of power floating & sedation
  • vaccinations
  • castrations
  • blood testing
  • nutrition


  • nutrition
  • reproductive investigations including ultrasound & pregnancy testing

Other livestock

we can also deal with goats, sheep & pigs occassionally also

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